To make the Sociology Study Program as the centre of excellence in the field of Sociology Industrial studies in accordance with the development, changes and globalisation pace of 2014

1.    Develop the ability of the academic field in sociology particularly Sociology of industry in accordance with the needs of the community, social institutions and also higher education that has close attention to the development of sociology.
2.    Form students to be scholars with academic ability in the field of study of sociology that are ethical, creative, productive and able to apply their knowledge of science responsibly, as well as enriching the Socioly studies so that it can be utilized by the community and the country Republic of Indonesia
3.    Organizes the process of teaching and learning based on quality esearch which is current to the dynamic development of Sociologi Sciences and the empirical facts that accompany it.
4.     Develops research activities and studies in the fields of Sociology, especially in the study of Industrial Sociology and Development.
5.     Organises activities devoted to society in the form of seminars and training by working with Governments, businesses, NGOs or communities.
6.     Provides a means of employment that can support the creation of a conducive working climate for Academicians.

1.    Produce scholars of sociology that is ethical, creative, productive and have academic ability as well as being able to apply their knowledge in developing concepts and theories of sociology that can be utilized by the people of Indonesia.
2.    Achieve business development and dissemination of Sociology Studies that can be used to enhance the dignity of the nation.
3.    Improving the quality of teaching staffs and researchers to be more professional and productive in producing high quality work as well as able to compete in the globalization era through various opportunities in pursuing a higher education level and improving levels of well-being.{:}

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